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 sweet minature aussie, brother to Smithers, walked to Rainbow Bridge.  Our hearts are broken and we will always remember your sweet demeanor... we love you Riley!
CHARLIE, an ever-so-sweet precious kitty, friendly, loveable and always happy.  He lost his fight with Diabetes...  now playing at Rainbow Bridge, sniffing the Jasmine there....we love you Charlie!
CHAIRMAN MAUW, a very special, sweet and loveable kitty.  He lost his fight with Diabetes... we love you Chairman!
GINGER, 14 years young... a sweet and gentle lady, a truly pure spirit dog, was gently walked to Rainbow's Bridge on April 12, 2012.  Forever in Our Hearts.  Not only was Ginger such a special fur baby, but her humans are incredible people.  They truly loved her with all of their heart and soul and took incredible care of her.  Ginger is also survived by Bobby & Amy, two very sweet rescue pups that loved her so too!  We love and we will miss you Ginger, sweet angel!
SONNY, a beautiful golden retriever rescue, a gentle spirit dog... she touched the lives of each and every human and fur baby that crossed her path... she exuded love and kindness... our hearts are broken and our world will never be the same without her, but we are grateful to have let her touch our hearts...  we love you Sonny... may you run and play at Rainbow's Bridge.
MEGAN, one of the most beautiful, gentle and kind senior shepard mix rescues I have ever cared for...I loved walking her every day and how happy she was sniffing the interesting smells on the grass, like a scented map to a treasure.  I literally broke down and cried when she passed away because I loved her dearly and enjoyed each minute with her.   She had a blood clot and she instantly started to pass away.  I am grateful I was able to kiss her good-bye, and I am so grateful that she had two kind and loving, incredible people who loved and cared for her, hold her and say good-bye to her too.  I will always hold Megan's memories close to my heart.  Megan... I love you sweet lady... may you walk on the soft grass at Rainbow's Bridge...
FRANCIE...a sweet, happy and gentle little poodle that just loved to be loved.  She danced around in joy to her nickname "Francie Pants" :)  Francie's heart was weak and although she was a strong little fur lady, Rainbow Bridge was calling her and her heart stopped beating.  She passed away in the arms of her loving humans... Francie was a sweet angel and we will miss her so much.  DoGSpeed to Rainbow Bridge xxoo  Francie is survived by her close poodle friend, almost fur sista, Lucy a/k/a "Lucy Goosey".

LEXI...a beautiful black lab mix...a gentle soul with expressive and soulful big brown eyes.  I adored her and she was a very special fur baby.  She was very loved very much by her humans and is survived by a cute and gentle little Min Pin named Emmy.  I love you Lexi... may you run and play at Rainbow's Bridge... till we meet again sweet angel.


ZEEK... my rescued American (field) Black Lab from a high kill shelter in NY.  Zeek was my spirit dog, my goofy, animated, happy lab that loved to swim, wag his tail and give kisses.  I rescued him at approx 11 months old.  I found him sitting in a dirty cement cage at a high kill shelter.  He had a bloody face, head and neck, and a tag on his cage that read "unadoptable/scared".  He was used at pit bait by bad people and needed some serious love and rehab.  Shelter released him to me for rehab.   After a year in my care he blossomed into a goofy, funny, sweet lab.  He was the playmate of many foster black labs that lived with us, and he loved and adored my other black lab Mylo.  At 10 years old Zeek had his first gran mahl convulsive seizure and was labeled, idiopathic epileptic.  At 12 years old he started to have stomach problems and an ultrasound showed a thickening of his small intestine.  We managed his illness well and he was happy.  He loved to swim and two days before he died, he jumped and swam in the ocean at the beautiful dog beach called Canova beach in Melbourne FL on Sat and Sunday morning...  and early Monday morning he blew a blood clot and he collapsed and could not move his rear or front legs.  His body was tired and was starting to shut down.  I carried him to my car and raced him to my vet, where he died in my arms.  I lay on the floor with him on a big blanket at the vet office, held him and told him how much I loved him as we walked him to Rainbow Bridge.  My heart has shattered into a million pieces... I stay strong for my other Black Lab Mylo, who is heartbroken.  I Love You with all my heart and soul Zeek, my very special fur boy, till we meet again ...

MYLO, my rescued English Black Lab.  A product of a backyard breeder with severe heart murmur.  Considered a reject, he was going to be discarded on the Long Island Expressway & I grabbed him.  He had a rope around his neck.  I brought him to my vet only to be told, this little lab puppy would not live to see 4 months... well.... he lived till 15 and was a truly beautiful & amazing fur boy!

On the morning of Friday, September 4th, my 15 year old black lab Mylo was losing his battle to Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). I made the painful decision to walk him to Rainbow Bridge. His back legs were weak, now his front legs started to become very weak, he had trouble standing & started to fall a lot. I could see in his eyes that he was in a lot of pain.... Rimadyl, Massages, gentle Swimming would not work anymore. This was it, the day that I wished would never arrive... and I looked him in the eyes... and he understood. The weekend before he was gently swimming in the Gulf at Honeymoon Island State Dog Park Dog Beach and was very happy. His joints achy, a little wobbly in his back legs, but considerably happy. I think he stayed strong for me, my loyal sweet fur boy, so he could spend my birthday weekend with me. He enjoyed smelling the fresh, salty air, eating cheese, riding in the front smelling the fresh Clearwater air as we drove to the beautiful dog beach. He made a lot of dog & human friends at the dog beach that day. He was happy. He also loved our quality time too swimming together in the Gulf, laying on a big fluffy blanket on the hotel floor eating cheese puffs & giving kisses. Just me, Mylo & Joshua. We were his world. Friday I was petting him as he lay on my front seat. I carried him into my vet, they put a mat on the floor with a big blanket over it and I lay next to him, held him, gently pet him and told him how much I loved him. He will always be my baby fur boy. He loved cheese & I fed him the trader joes cheese puffs he loves and creamy goat cheese I brought with us as we lay on the blanket on the floor... he was enjoying it. I asked to stay with him as we walked him to the bridge because I was not going to leave him. He needed me as I needed him. I held him and continued to pet him. After the catheter went in, then the injection, he was gone. Heart shattering but peaceful and dignified. I stayed with him for a 1/2 hour after he passed away, held him and sobbed. Mylo has been with me for 15 years. Besides Zeek & Joshua, he is one of the greatest loves of my life.  I rescued him at 10 weeks old and he was 100% in tune with me. No words were needed. I could tell by just a look on his face. He understood me 100% and I miss him so much. He taught every foster lab in our care how to play, how to be a dog, how to be silly. Mylo was so sweet, loveable, did not have one mean bone in his body but had courage & was wise.  

I love you Mylo my sweet baby fur boy, till we meet again.

Joshua, my 14 year old black rescue lab, who came back to FL to help heal Mylo's heart after Zeek passed, is looking all over for Mylo, so please pray for him, to help heal his broken heart.

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