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Happy Clients
A Song For My Happy Doggie Clients
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I love to be next to you, all the time!  xxoo Brian
(l/k/a "Poppie")
I love to make paw prints in the sand!  
xxoo Jeremy
(l/k/a "Jer-ah-meeeeeeee")
 I love, love, love attention!!   xxoo Xena
(l/k/a "Mamma")
I love belly rubs!  xxoo Beattie
(l/k/a "Ooohm-pa")
I can swim all day ...
you've got nothing on me Michael Phelps!
xxoo Zeus
(l/k/a "Baby Boy")
We love to go for walks & play... & get
massages afterwards! 
xxoo Riley & Smithers
(l/k/a "Cutie Pa-tooties")
I love to take long walks, chase the big white bird at the fountain and give lots & lots of kisses!
xxoo Dharma
(l/k/a "Dharma Doodles")
I am a sweet, adorable puppy and every day is a happy day!  I live in the moment & love life! 
xxoo Sophie
(l/k/a "Sophie-kins")
I am a very handsome rescue pup & I love, love, love peanut butter in my black kong bell!  My favorite pastimes are taking long walks,  playing, riding in the car, swimming & most of all, belly rubs!! xxoo Tux
(l/k/a "Honey Bunch")
Our favorite pastimes are people watching, playing ball, snuggling, giving kisses, eating, running, going for walks, eating cheese, barking at big dogs & getting massages!
xxoo Pepper & Coco
(l/k/a "Pishka" and l/k/a "Coco Bean")
I am a very, very calm & sweet rescue pup...I love walking in the shade, rolling on the grass & kicking my paws up in joy, dancing in the sprinkler & most of all, getting my fur brushed!
xxoo Razor
(l/k/a "Sweetie Pie")
I am a very sweet little boy, a  Yorkie-Poo, with the loveliest eyes, a happy-go-lucky, sweet demeanor and I love, love, love people & other dogs (no matter what size!)... I also love the Boston Red Sox!
xxoo Giovanni
(l/k/a "Love Bug")
I am a very well behaved lady, I know many commands, I like to chase squirrels, I love cats & I love to take long walks in the cool air at night    xxoo Sydney
(l/k/a "Sydney-boo")
I am a gentle lady that loves to snuggle, lay on the loveseat on the porch & "people watch"...
& I looooooove my Kong bell!
xxoo Chloe
(l/k/a "Chloe-Bear")
We are adorable poodles & love walks, treats & belly rubs!
xxoo Francie & Lucy
(l/k/a "Baby Girls")
I am the sweetest, innocent chocolate lab puppy by far, with the most beautiful eyes & gentle puppy breath, what more can I say, I'm sooooooooooo damn cute!
xxoo Samson
(l/k/a "Baby Boy Pup")
I am an adorable Corgi & I love to be loved!
xxoo Toby
(l/k/a "Butter Bean")
I am a super gentle rescue pup.  I love walks & being brushed!
xxoo Nikita
(l/k/a "Niiii-Kiiii")
We happily co-exist wih Toby & Nikita, & we love our fish flake food!
xxoo The Fish
I am a cute Puggle & I love to sniff everything, play with my toys & I love other dogs...
xxoo Max
(l/k/a "Pishka Doodle")
We are Preston & Shatzi, best friends... we like to snuggle on a big chair & get belly rubs!!!!
xxoo Preston & Shatzi
(l/k/a "Cutie Pie" & "Baby Girl")
We are Dexter & Zoey, an adorable, happy-go-lucky Pug, & a gentle, beautiful & shy black lab...  we love to play outside... & we love to be loved!
xxoo Dexter & Zoey
(l/k/a "Noodles & Peanut")
My name is Malibu & I am new in town... I love my daily walks... belly rubs...the Disney Channel & my delicious Wellness treats...
xxoo Malibu
(l/k/a  "Mali-Boo-Boo")
I am a sweet little min aussie with a brown eye & a blue eye & I love giving kisses!  I love to be loved!
xxoo Mig
(l/k/a "Miggie Pie")
 We are rescue pups & we love our walks!  We also enjoy belly rubs & we love being brushed!
xxoo Landis & Salome
(l/k/a "Landy" & "Sal-o-mayyyyy-eeeeeee")
I am a sweet little furr boy & I love to go for walks & sniff, sniff, sniff the grass... because that's how I roll!
xxoo Bill Cosby
(l/k/a "Lil' Bill")
We are two little furr boys that just love to sniff all around Lake Eola & walk to the cool music from the speakers near the lake.
xxoo Dawson & Hudson
(l/k/a "Love Bugs"  ..... and  "Abbott & Costello")
We are super sweet rescues that love to frolick & play, we love to get brushed, eating treats.... Woof!... Did we mention treats????   Yes, treats are our favorite!
xxoo Ginger, Bobby & Amy Lou
(l/k/a  "Nona Babies")
We are very happy-go-lucky, gentle giant furr babies (including little sweet pint-size peanut) that love to run after and catch the tennis balls! 
xxoo Zeus, Dexter & Peanut
(l/k/a "Love Bugs")
A Song For My Kitty Clients
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We love to people watch, play with our toys, love, love, love our fur brushed, to lay in the sun & just be "Zen"...Namaste
xxoo  Fatty & Baby 
I am a smart kitty & I love to play! 
xxoo Archie
I am a very handsome kitty, I love to be held, to rub my face against the corner of a chair, & most of all, I love to sniff the jasmine vine outside!  
xxoo Charlie
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful...
I'm a long haired calico... I am the Zsa Zsa of the feline world, I am a senior and a bit shy, but meow meow meeeeooooooow, I am gorgeous!
xxoo Angie
(l/k/a  "Lady A")
Now for the last time, open the drapes so I can see outside!  
xxoo Murray
(l/k/a "Meow Meow")
I just want belly rubs and kisses...
  xxoo Boo Boo
(l/k/a " Mr. B")
We are adorable, loveable, playful, gentle and oh, so happy ferrets that love to give kisses!
xxoo Laylo & Jill
(l//k/a "Sweet Babies")

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